Sub-Prime Financing in Vaughan, ON

We Work With You Regardless of Credit

At Prime Mark Auto we are experienced at getting you the vehicle you want regardless of bad credit. Our team evaluates each customer based on driving habits, budget, lifestyle and fit to determine options best suited for you. Feel at ease with a team of professionals who won’t judge you but are only here to help.

Easy Three-Step Process

Our easy Three-Step Process brings you closer to driving away in the vehicle of your dreams.

  1. Apply for Approval
  2. View Our Large Inventory
  3. Pick Up Your Vehicle


  • Quick Approval Process
  • Low-Interest Rate Auto Financing
  • Subprime Auto Financing
  • Credit Guidance and Rebuild
  • Great Selection of Used Vehicles
  • High Client Satisfaction

Prime Mark Auto is here to get you back on track! If you want to learn more about our credit rebuilding process, please click here  You can also fill out the form below if you have any questions and we will happy to respond.

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